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IwapGwt is a open source development platform for building rich Internet application in Java. IwapGwt integrates technologies such as Google Web Toolkit(Gwt), Ext Ajax library, Spring and acegi into a unified full-stack solution. This project is aimed to eliminate complexity at both architecture and API levels, and enable developers to assemble complex web application using simple annoted Java classes, a rich set of UI components and a very little xml.

As is well known, writing Ajax web application can be a tedious and error-prone process. You can spend most of your time working around browser quirks. In additions, building, reusing and maintaining the large javascripts codes can be difficult and fragile. Google Web Toolkit (Gwt) eases this burden by allowing developers to quickly build and maintain complex yet highly performant JavaScript front-end applications in the Java programming language. That is why IwapGwt develop based on Gwt.

In addition, the following features come with IwapGwt:

  • Role-access based control model integrated with Spring security framework;

  • Build-in UI components which ease to reuse, extend and maintain;
  • Plugin for Eclipse for developing the IwapGwt applications;
  • Debug facilities of your IDE are available to debug both client-side code and any server Java Code.
  • What's inside the IwapGwt

    • SDK

      The IwapGwt SDK contains the Java API libraries that let you to write browser-based applications in Java, documents and samples etc.

    • Plugin for Eclipse

      The plugin for Eclipse provides IDE support for IwapGwt web projects.


    With the IwapGwt SDK, you write the Ajax client side application using UI component provided by SDK, or another UI libraries(e.g. Gwt, Gwt-ext or Gxt etc). Due to IwapGwt based on GWT, you are allowed to develop, debug your browser based application in Eclipse IDE.

    • Get Started get started with learning how to install the sdk and get the samples up and running step by step.

    • Download the SDK and get the sample web application up and running.

    Plugin for Eclipse

    The IwapGwt Plugin for Eclipse is the fastest way to start developing IwapGwt applications, letting you go from installing the plugin to deploying a simple "Hello World" in minutes.



    This project is mainly driven by GuangZhou Nantian Iwap project team. If you are interested in participating, please send an inquiry to the owner at

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